Our renovation was done relatively fast, and of very good quality. We proud to always strive for excellence in service, and offer the highest-quality repairs.

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Seven Engineering Group is a go-to name for members of the media looking to showcase good design, and their projects and commissions often find their way into the features pages of the local and national press. Read on to discover more.

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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is tedious work with many aspects to deal with. If you have a rental property, you may not be able to make structural changes.

However, in the case of personal property, the sky is the limit. The main focus in complete bathroom renovation is design as well as functionality. The system needs to be aesthetically pleasing yet should have all elements of sewerage, water flow, plumbing, and practical usage. 

Even if you are not looking for a complete solution and want to venture into do it yourself, start to finish a bathroom remodel. We provide support to assist you in finding the best materials, labor, and can help in achieving your design goals.

Acrylic bifold door

We make sure that the materials used in a bathroom renovation avoid problems such as frequent repairs and damage to other fixtures. One example can be low-quality taps and showers that are not only a pesky sight but also damages the walls and tiles because of o water leakage. We have professionals with 35 years of experience who can decide the best materials for the climate and water quality of your location.




Kitchen Cabinet

You have to depict the cooking area, dishwashing area, dining area and have to provide maximum storage with easy to reach cabinets. Then there is a whole range of countertops materials to select. 

If you are a, do it yourself enthusiast and want to implement everything you have seen in the Paul Ryan show, then go ahead and take the chance. We are here to cover you for the technical front and acquisition of materials. 

A kitchen renovation is the most exciting part of home renovation for the ladies of the house. With so much variety in materials, kitchen remodeling has become an entire industry in itself. There is enough space for satisfying your design cravings since there are different elements to be designed for a complete start to finish renovation for the kitchen. 


Kitchen exhaust fan installation

We are a team of professionals with working experience in home décor. We make sure that we study your home décor style, your needs, and then try to merge it with the best possible design elements according to contemporary trends not only in Malaysia but also throughout the world. Our philosophy of home décor is 'beautiful and functional yet least maintenance.'

We assure you that the home décor projects done by us do not look like glasshouses where you are afraid of moving in fear of breaking something. Nor do we force our aesthetics on you. It is your house and should feel and look like yours.


Glass partition or glass sliding door

Our focus on home improvement projects is the best value for your money. We do not want our customers to spend on things that are not going to last or that do not add any functional or emotional value to their home. That's why we do remodeling, repairs, and whenever we have to add or fix a new item, we see the tradeoff between quality and money.

Our years of experience in the field of home improvement has given our professionals deep insight into the durability and design; this results in the best outcome within buget


Cabinet & Wardrobe

Home décor is a statement of personal style in its true essence. However, in the busy world we live in, it isn't easy always to take out time and do the home décor project yourself.  Home décor is such a versatile field. You can take a quick one-hour renovation project or can launch a full-fledge complete home décor project. In any case, we are here to support.



We try to hit a balance between design and functionality. We do all kinds of designs, including historical designs, contemporary designs, clean lines, and the best use of space available. We make sure that home designs include all requirements by the client, including flooring, car park, lawns, garage area, washing area, etc. The front elevation is another aspect for clients who come for house design. We believe in pleasant front elevation without loosing too much space. 

Plaster Ceiling



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Grilling fencing


Window & Door Tinted